Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Carolinas

I was so excited for this trip and super nervous. As you all know I struggle with anxiety and schedules are something that really triggers it. I love schedules. I love having my day planned and organized. I love Boston being on a schedule and he does so well being on a schedule. The trip was stressing me out. Like months in advance I was having anxiety attacks about it. I knew the two days of traveling would suck but as long as he could get at least a short nap every day while on the trip then I'd be okay. But it was worse than I ever could imagine and I'm an expert at always thinking of the worst case scenario. 

Our flight left at 11:59 pm. A red eye. We drove to Braden's parents that night and our plan was to lay him down for bed at the regular time so that he could get some sleep before we left. I rocked him to sleep and sang him a song (like I always do) then laid him in the pack n play. I closed the door and went into the other room. He immediately stood up and started screaming. Which is very unlike him, Boston is so good at sleeping on his own. After a while Braden went in to rock him, when it comes to putting Boston to sleep Braden has some sort of super power. But Boston started screaming again once he left. After another chunk of time I went back in again then sat on the couch. I headed upstairs when I saw the door open, thinking Braden went in again to rock him. Then all of the sudden Boston comes walking out the door... no Braden. Which meant Boston climbed out of his pack n play, walked over to the door, opened the door, and came out on his own. So yeah, no sleep for him. We got to the airport and boarded around 11:30pm and waited. The pilot came on and said that the AC was broken and a crew was working on it and that it would probably be 30 minutes. It had been way longer than 30 minutes and Boston wasn't having it. He was crying and screaming and nothing would calm him down. This cute newly wed couple asked if we wanted to change them seats. They had more room and more leg room. They were so sweet. We switched them spots and that gave Boston some room to run around for a little. Well 2.5 hours later and a baby that hadn't slept since 3:00pm that day they decide to switch us planes. So everyone had to deboard and wait for the other plane to be ready. They had to move over all the luggage and food. Boston was happy to be running around. So at 3:00am I was chasing him around the airport. He found a penny and was throwing it and chasing it. So many people commented saying how amazed they were that he was happy and calling me super mom 👊🏼. (But seriously, Braden and I were considering going back to our car and heading back home because this was the worst.) We finally got on the plane and Boston fell asleep the moment the lights turned off. 

We landed in NC on Friday morning and got to Braden's brother's house and we desperately needed a nap. And of course Boston wouldn't take one. Luckily his family watched him while we napped. Then we tried putting him down for a nap at his regular nap time (Utah time) and again he freaked out when I put him in his pack n play. I didn't want him climbing/falling out again so I laid in bed with him until he fell asleep, then so did I. We had dinner and played, went swimming and went to bed. And yes, we couldn't put him in his pack n play. So I fell asleep with him on the bed. Luckily we were staying on Utah time for his schedule so a 9:30 bedtime for me wasn't completely ridiculous. I had to wait until he was in a deep enough sleep to transfer him into the pack n play. The entire trip was like this. I had to nap when he napped and go to bed when he did. I love sleep so I had no problem with it. But I did feel bad on missing out on family time when I had to be laying down with Boston instead. But aside from that, he stayed on a pretty good schedule!

Saturday we drove to South Carolina. We stayed at a beach house, seriously right across from the beach. It was so fun. We spent that day at the beach.

Grandma gave all of the cousins some matching pi's. Boston is the only boy. And he really didn't want to be in the picture.

Sunday we hung out at the beach for most of the day. In the evening we went on a short walk to a light house that was nearby.

Monday was super rainy so we stayed inside and played. We went to some souvenir shops but had to go home shortly after we got there because it was nap time and Boston was super fussy. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner with everyone and then we stopped at the farmers market on the way back to the beach house. Braden and I found this really cool painter and we custom ordered a painting from him as our souvenir. It should be getting here next week and I am so excited! There was a fun little dock/pier so we walked along that then went back to the house.

Tuesday we started off the morning with a walk on the beach looking for shells and shark teeth, which we unsuccessfully found. Once we had breakfast and changed into our swim suits we went back to the beach and played. Boston loved playing in the sand but he had mixed feelings about it. One minute he would be loving it and then the next minute he would be begging for us to pick him up and saying "ew" while trying to dust off the sand on his feet. Overall he liked it though. After a nap and some dinner we went back to the beach and walked around.

Wednesday we drove back to North Carolina and then hung out and Braden's brother's house where we had dinner and went swimming.

Thursday we hung out at Braden's brother's house, went to lunch, played, napped, packed, and headed to the airport. Luckily this flight wasn't as late. It was an 8:00 pm flight which had us landing in Utah at 10:15ish. And guess what, our flight was delayed. Luckily only by like 15 minutes. Boston did REALLY well on this flight. He loved take off. The plane was pretty empty so Boston had his own seat. He loved looking back between the seats and flirting with the people behind us. He got apple juice and the flight attendant gave him cookies. Then he cuddled with me and slept the whole time. We got to Braden's parents around midnight and he went to sleep pretty quick

We have now been home for a few days and Boston is right back on schedule. While we were on the trip I had my mind set that we were not going on anymore trips with a young kid ha. But thankfully he went right back on schedule and I'm not as afraid for the next trip. Whenever that is. 

We had a lot of fun and I am so glad that we went. We made a lot of fun memories and Boston loved playing with his cousins.

Also, if you didn't see our announcement on Instagram... here it is!
Baby number 2 coming in February!

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