Monday, August 7, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Happiness List

Happy Monday!
I have started listen to this book called "The Happiness Project", I haven't finished it yet but I have loved what I have listened to already.
In the beginning of the book she mentions that she wanted to make her life a little better, a little happier. She says that just because you're making a happy list doesn't mean you are currently unhappy with your life, and that the majority of people who make happiness lists are already pretty happy with their lives! It's just a way to give your life more meaning.
I love having this topic as our Mommy Style Monday post for the month. It is very different from what we usually do but I wanted to hear what other mom's had in mind.
Again, a happiness list isn't a list of things that currently make you happy. It's a list of things that you think would make you happier overall!

Life has been pretty crazy. I have been reading this book for the past week or so and have had this blog post topic in mind for the past week as well. But I am writing it pretty last minute so it isn't as in depth as I would like it to be. I'm sure I will go back and reword things/add things to this list. But here is my happiness list for now...

1. Exercise regularly and eat healthy: I already do this for the most part. But I really notice a change in my life when I do these things. I know I've mentioned it before but by exercising each day, it makes me feel good, which then makes me want to do good. Exercising helps motivate me in other areas of my life.
2. Learn how to manage money: With Braden going back to school and us living on a teacher's salary... I have been pretty stressed out. I have never been good at budgeting. We have never really had the need to. I mean the first few years of marriage we were way more poor than we will be ha. But our life was also different. We had cheaper rent, cheaper utilities, no kid(s), no car payment... Life is just different now. If I could learn how to manage money/budget I think I would be a little less stressed. So... any tips? Send them ALL my way please.
3. Enjoy the moment, make memories: I am someone that is always worrying about something. Something from the past, something in the future, something that may not even ever happen. It makes me not enjoy RIGHT NOW. I want to be able to live in the moment all of the time and worry less.
4. Use time productively: I feel like this doesn't really need an explanation. But instead of just sitting down and watching Fixer Upper for hours I should be doing something else with my time. Like folding laundry while watching Fixer Upper? Ha. I just want to get more done, do more things, read more books, practice the piano, practice the guitar, pick up a new talent. Just be more productive!
5. Declutter and stay organized: Again, I feel like this is self explanatory. I feel like I have been on a decluttering/minimalistic journey for the past year. There are parts of my life I can declutter and parts that I just can't, like my clothes. I like clothes and I just don't think I'm ever going to be one of those people with a "capsule" wardrobe. I have come to accept that I am just a wannabe minimalist ha. But there are areas that need to be decluttered. I want everything to be neat and organized.

This is my happiness list. Like I said, I'm sure I will be changing and adding things. But now I want to know, what would you put on your happiness list?

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  1. I said the same thing about budgeting! I just signed up for a free trial of You Need A Budget and it's pretty cool. You should try it!

  2. Zack and I really like and are interested in the minimalistic lifestyle, but we have realized we will most likely never live a completely minimalist lifestyle. We do realize though that parts of our lives can be lived minimally, and are trying to reduce our clutter a d excess in those areas. Marisa has an app/website she uses to budget that she really likes, I just can't remember the name.