Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Back to School Part 2

Today's post is more focused on teacher supplies.
In my three years of teaching I feel like this is the first year I have really had a chance to decorate my room. My first year of teaching I got hired on 5 days before school started. I wasn't worrying about how cute my room looked, I was just trying to survive and stay on top of things! My second year I got moved to 2nd grade. I was pregnant and was going through morning sickness when it was summer. So I didn't go into my classroom very much. I did decorate a little bit and that was good enough for me. Then I stayed in 2nd grade for the following year and it felt so nice to not have to start over again. I don't think I ever went into the school that summer. I just spend my time off with Braden and Boston.
This year I got moved to 1st grade. I had to be moved out of my classroom by the last day of school. So everything was just kind of thrown into my new classroom and it was really messy. I would clean for a little, then decorate, then clean, then decorate. I got really caught up in the decorating this time.

I feel like even the smallest things can add so much. And you know that when you have a cute place to work in, everyone pays attention better... right? ;)

Teacher Planner from AOG Design Company: This planner is so cute! It is divided by months and has enough room to write my lesson plans for each day.
Gold Pen from Crazy Color Supplies: Isn't this pen just the cutest? It is rose gold and has a fun "diamond" on the end of it. It also writes really nice which is important!
Magnets and Push Pins from The Velvet Vine: The gold sparkly circles are the magnets. I am obsessed with them! They are so sparkly. The floral ones are push pins which are so cute! I can't wait to use them on the bulletin board by my desk!

Seriously, having a cute desk set up really helps me be motivated. You know how sometimes you have work to do but you can't do it until your house is clean? That is the same for me if you have a clean and cute desk.

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