Friday, June 9, 2017

Everyday to Maskcara

It's FRIDAY! But honestly everyday is like a Friday for me because it's summer break!
About a months ago (here) I shared with you this fun new product called Maskcara. I don't wear a lot of makeup and my makeup routine literally takes me 3 minutes. I don't like it when it feels and looks like I painted my face. I just like a natural, easy look.
What I like about Maskcara is that they focus on your natural beauty and they only create makeup "staples" that you will use over and over again.
@beautfromtheinsideout color matched me and then sent me a pallet that best matched my skin tone.
Below you will see a picture of my everyday makeup and then what my makeup looks like when I use Maskcara.

Okay. Isn't the packaging just AMAZING?! I'm obsessed!

It come with this card so you know exactly where to put everything. This makes it SUPER easy.

Okay. So here is the difference between the two looks. I asked Braden if he could tell the difference and he said "uhh... your lipstick?" Ha. That's the only thing he noticed! Us girls can notice things a lot better though ;) BUT that just shows that the difference is subtle. I look a bit more dressed up, it hides my blemishes a little better but I still look like ME. It still looks NATURAL and that's what is most important to me!

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