Monday, June 12, 2017

18 Months

I swear Boston went from being a baby to a toddler in the blink of an eye. He looks and acts like such a big kid! It makes me so sad but also so happy to see him grow and learn each day.

Boston's language is the funniest. He knows a lot of words but he also communicates through syllables. One syllable words sound like "ugh", two syllable words sound like "ugh-ugh", three syllable words sound like "ugh-ugh-ugh".... I think you get the point.
We have taught him to sign "more", "please" and "all done".
He knows the animal sounds for; dog, cat, duck, sheep, goat, pig, rabbit, dinosaur, pirate (I know, not an animal but he says "argh!", monkey, owl, snake, train (also not an animal).
He can tell us where his or our nose is, ears, hair, hand, leg, toes, foot, mustache, eyes, and belly button.
He can give high-fives and knuckles.

He is really good at throwing a ball and I mean REALLY good. He throws far and can even aim! I swear he can throw a ball better than I can.
He loves seeing airplanes, helicopters, lawnmowers, tractors, and garbage trucks.
Boston's LOVES to help me vacuum and sweep, he even has his own vacuum and broom. He loves to help us make our breakfast smoothies every morning. He puts the bananas in and takes some bites, puts the ice in, then we sit him on the counter and he turns the blender on, turns up the speed, and then turns it off. He likes to help me unload the dishwasher. He will pull things out and then hand them to me. 
He loves baths and swimming. He loves washing his hands and having us do his hair. He LOVES being outside and going to the park. He likes the swings the best and then the slides. He still hates us changing his diaper but if we ask him if he poops he will tell us yes or no and he tells us the right answer 90% of the time. Sometimes he will grab wipes and a diaper and then lay down by himself to have us change his diaper.
He can give hugs, kisses, and can blow kisses. He loves tickling people's feet. He has 16 teeth. He has a shape/color puzzle where he has to put the shapes in the right spot and he can do it totally on his own. He can tell us how old he is (has been able to since just after he turned 1). He loves to look out the window when one of us is leaving to watch us go and say goodbye. He also likes to look out the window when we are coming home and he will press his face right up agains the glass. He loves us to read him books. He loves having his tummy, back, and feet tickled. He loves being chased and scared.
His favorite foods are; cheese, mac and cheese, hot dogs, fruit snacks, french fries, chips, pretzels, popcorn, yogurt, beans, and any kind of fruit. He actually likes spicy food. He was eating salsa out of a jar at my parents' house this past weekend.

Boston is the best kid ever. He is super laid back. He only cries when he is over tired, hungry, or hurt. His hair sticks straight up. Even when we water it down, put gel in it, and hairspray, it will still stick straight up. Everywhere we go there is someone that always comments on it. Seriously, Every. Single. Day. It's so funny.
He is going through a phase right now where he says no to everything even if he means yes. Like, "Do you want a cookie?" "No!" And then he'll grab it.

The second I put him down on the blanket he stood up and walked away haha.
So we sat him back down and asked him how old he was. That entertained him for a few good pictures. Then he was done.

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