Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Makeup with Maskcara

I am so excited to be working with @beautfromtheinsideout to show you this fun makeup from Maskcara.
I'm not really a makeup person. I wear sheer-tinted moisturizer with SPF because... skin cancer. I color in my eyebrows, and I wear mascara. Every once in a while I'll throw on some lipstick. A while ago I got really into makeup and was looking at all these youtube tutorials and then I decided that it was too much of a hassle. It's an art that I can't do and I also don't like it when people wear so much makeup that they look totally different.
My makeup routine is simple, fast, and easy.
What I love about Maskcara is that it's about celebrating your natural beauty. They create makeup staples that you can use over and over again. 
@beautfromtheinsideout sent me a pallet that matched my coloring and I love it! It came with a diagram so that I know exactly where to put each product and I have to say that the packaging is AMAZING!!! It's also super affordable. My favorite part about it is that it matches your coloring and it adds some fun contour to your face but it isn't too much and it doesn't feel like too much which is super important to me.
Oh and did I mention that the company is based out of Utah? So cool!

Be sure to check out @beautfromtheinsideout on Instagram. She is so good to work with and she is so good at color matching you!

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