Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Father's Day Gift Idea

Happy Wednesday!
Today I am sharing with you a quick/fun/unique Father's Day gift idea.
If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that Braden and I went shooting for our 5 year anniversary. That is something Braden really enjoys. We typically don't really do much for Mother's Day/Father's Day. We are basically just each others maids for the day ;) But this year I found this super unique Father's Day gift idea for him and a cute card from Boston.

The fun bottle opener is from Bottle Breacher and the card is from CheekyKumquat.
Bottle Breacher has a lot of different styles and CheekyKumquat has a lot different card designs. They are so funny!

I gave Braden this card for his birthday yesterday.

These are some other cards that CheekyKumquat gave me. I will definitely find a reason to use all of them!

What are you getting your husband's/dad's for Father's Day? 

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