Monday, May 1, 2017

Breast Milk Necklace

I have been seeing breast milk jewelry popping up on Facebook and Instagram lately and I really wanted a piece for myself. So when NineTwoFive Jewelry contacted me I was SOOOO excited.

I LOVED nursing Boston. I loved all of that extra time that we got together. He nursed until he was 14.5 months and he naturally self weaned. I was really hard for me to stop actually. So having this necklace is super sentimental for me. I love that it looks like a pearl. It is so pretty.

My favorite part is that they send you all of the equipment you need to make the necklace and you get to do it 100% on your own. I loved seeing my breast milk transformed into a necklace. The directions were really easy to read/follow. The only hard part for me was drilling a hole in it at the end. But I just got a tiny nail and a hammer and made my hole.

This is such a unique piece of jewelry and I will wear it proudly!
Mother's Day is also coming up, this would be a perfect present! Use the code "GLITTER&DONUTS" for 25% off!

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  1. I think I saw the beginnings of this on snapchat and I was soooo confused! But I totally get it now! Wow, it's so pretty!