Monday, March 27, 2017

MSM: Spring Box

Happy Monday!!!
We switched things up a little for today's Mommy Style Monday post. We decided to put together spring boxes and send them to other moms! I had so much fun organizing this and putting my box together. I sent my box to Erica and Cayli sent me her box!
The theme for our boxes was Spring!
 Here is the box that I got.

Let's be honest. Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail! This package was so fun to open! I was given a lot of fun things that I would have never bought for myself. I have already opened up the peeps and the rainbow ice gum. Both of those are so good! The spring print is so perfect for this time of year. I also can't wait for my little spa day with my facial mask and bath bombs!
Thank you Cayli for my box! I had so much fun opening it!

We will be doing another "Favorite Things" box in June. If you would like to participate please sign up HERE! I will send out another email about it when time gets closer.

Here are the links to all the other moms who participated. Just in case you want to see what they got in their boxes.

Madeline at CaseyLand
Cayli at Nightchayde
Rachel at Tutus and Heels
Erica at Good Job Momma
Chandler at Life as a Larsen

Our next Mommy Style Monday post will be on April 10th. Sign up here if you would like to participate!


  1. I have been curious about if the peeps oreos were good ha ha! I'm glad to hear they are!

  2. so cute and super springy!! I love that spring sign! Thank you again for my box! You are amazing friend!

  3. Fun! I've been curious about those oreos too, may have to pick some up!

  4. So fun! I love that spring print. It looks like you got a great box!