Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Real Life, Mom Life: End to Nursing

My initial goal was to nurse Boston for six months. Once the six months came I just wasn't ready to let it go and neither was he. I hated pumping at work so my goal was to build up a big freezer supply so that I Boston could be on breast milk until he was one. I built up a big supply and then August came around and I wasn't ready to quit nursing. So I kept on pumping at work. My next goal was to nurse Boston until he was one. Once he turned one I decided to stop pumping. I had a lot of milk in the freezer that I didn't need so I donated 700+ ounces. (And I am going to be donating about 300oz more!) I was only nursing Boston at night and in the mornings. He wasn't interested in it during the day anymore. Then Boston started losing interest in nursing at night. And after a few weeks he started losing interest in nursing in the mornings. With Boston weaning and some other personal reasons I decided to make Monday my last day nursing Boston. EVER. It was so hard and I'm still crying about it. It makes me feel better that he initiated it by self weaning, he was ready.
This bond between us has been amazing. I am not in a place where I can be a stay at home mom right now and so nursing Boston helped me feel like I was making up for the time I was away from him. That time was just me and him, no one else.
We made it 14.5 months. I know that is a HUGE accomplishment. But a part of me still feels like I gave up. Like I should have gone longer.
I can't believe this part of our journey is over but I am so excited to watch him continue to learn and grow. This little dude has my whole heart.

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