Monday, January 16, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Winter Activities

Happy Monday! Today is Martin Luther King Day and I don't have to go to work! I am so excited for this day off with my two guys. I'm still not sure what we are going to do but we are going to these Japanese restaurant to have some ramen!

Today for Mommy Style Monday we are talking about activities that you can do during the winter. I love winter but Boston loves being outside. And it is hard for us to spend that much time outside. He still loves it be he is a little cautious with the snow. He isn't sure if he can walk on it, if he should touch it, and it takes him a minute to warm up to it each time we go outside.
We live in Northern Utah and we have already had 2 snow days this year! And they were because of extreme cold. We are talking -28 degrees! So yeah, we stayed inside both of those days.
I am actually really excited about this post because the other moms will be sharing some other activities that we can do.
Boston is a really chill kid. He is perfectly content doing anything. We play a lot at home, cook, eat, play some more. If it isn't too cold we try to go outside for a little. We also try to just get out of the house. Whether it's just to go on a drive, run an errand, go grocery shopping... we try to do something.
On Saturday Boston and I went to the library and he LOVED it! At home he loves to pull all the books off the shelf and we let him. So what did he want to do at the library? Pull every single book off the shelf. I let him at the beginning and I just put every book back after he pulled it off. After a few minutes of that I got tired of it and picked him up and he was not happy. I set him back down and he just took off! Haha.
Boston also love to look out the window. We have a sliding glass door in the kitchen and he loves to stand in front of it and look outside. Often times we will pull his high chair up to the window while he eats.

And when we do go outside we make sure he is dressed warm. This beanie from Harveson Crafts is the cutest! It is such good quality and so warm! You can also customize it to be any color you want! You have to check them out. They have a lot of other item for sale as well.

He was so excited to be out in the snow if you can't tell.

Boston learned how to blow a kiss this weekend and it is the cutest. Here he was blowing kiss and then realized there was snow on his sleeve and he proceeded to lick it off.
Kids are the best.

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  1. I can't believe how cold it has gotten up where you are!! It's hard to have fun activities when they are so little, but the library is always a blast!

  2. His hat is way cute! The library is seriously the best place. We go to story time every week!

  3. Utah got so much snow, it is crazy! I love the option of going to the library or even barnes&nobles!

  4. The library has saved my sanity too many days to count.

  5. He looks so sweet! I love how much kids love playing in the snow!