Monday, January 2, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Mommy Resolutions

I love today's topic. It is all about "mommy resolutions" and how we should focus on what we are good at as a mom rather than always thinking about what we could be doing better.

The number one thing I want to work on is being more flexible and "going with the flow". I am always worried about Boston's schedule and him being right on time for everything. And if we are off by even 5 minutes I get super stressed out. Especially as a working mom it is so important for Boston to be on a schedule. I usually pick him up while he is taking his second nap so if his first nap is late that means that his second nap is late and then he doesn't get that long of a nap. If he takes bad naps then he sleeps worse at night, which means I sleep worse. So, that is why I am always stressing out about him being on schedule. This past week and a half was winter break and when I am at home I am not too worried about Boston's schedule and I noticed that I felt so much more relaxed. I go back to work tomorrow and I know that I am going to go back to being stressed out about him being on a schedule but my hope is that if for some reason everything doesn't happen the way it is "supposed" to happen that I can be calm! 
I am a worrier and an over thinker, I don't do well with stress, and I have anxiety. Here's to trying to "go with the flow" this year. Obviously I can't be flexible EVERY DAY because that would just mess everything up. But if there is a day here and there that we just don't make it home in time for Boston's nap... I just need to let it go.

As for focusing on what I am good at as a mom, I value EVERY SINGLE SECOND that I have with my babe. I am not in a position right now where I can stay at home with him. So every second that I have with him I live to the fullest. He gets my full attention. I love him so dang much.

This ring from Meadowbelle Market is my favorite! It is a birthstone ring with Boston's birthstone in it. It is a great reminder to always think about what you're doing good! I love having it on my finger as a reminder. You have to check them out. They are super affordable and stackable so if you have multiple kids it will look super cute!

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  1. You're doing such a great job Mama! I love that you soak up every minute with your son.

  2. You're an awesome mom! I really do admire how much you value every minute with Boston. He is so loved!

  3. You are such a great mama, and I am sure that Boston knows it. I love the ring btw!

  4. Your doing such a great job! I know how hard it is with working full time and taking care of littles!!

  5. I'm a sleep nazi with my kids' sleep schedules- I totally get it! That's an awesome goal and gorgeous ring to help remind you. XO

  6. Cherishing the moments is so important! They grow up too fast!