Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Eat Cake

Be prepared to see a million pictures of Boston eating his cake. I am SOOO obsessed with how this cake turned out! My mother in law made this cake and it totally blew my expectations out of the water. Every time someone came in and saw the cake they did a double take because they thought it was a real log! And the ax on top! Ahh. It was amazing! Check out her Facebook page because she is seriously the best. Aunti Ann's Cakes.

Also, if you notice, he is wearing the cutest bandana bib from State of Mine. It matched our theme and colors PERFECTLY! I love it! And they were so great and easy to work with. They have so many different designs too! Be sure to check them out.

Boston loves donuts, just like me. And the few times we have given him a taste of a donut, or a cookie, cake, cupcake... he always begs for more! One time we gave him an entire donut just to see what he would do and he went crazy! So I was thinking that he would really dig into his cake. Well... He didn't. First, he picked up the ax and started hitting the cake with it haha. So cute. After a while of that we took it away because we wanted him to eat the cake! Well then he just picked at the chocolate bark on the side and ate that. Finally I got his hand and dug it into the cake. But even then, all he wanted was the chocolate bark. Oh well. It was fun, and delicious, and he had fun!

Bib c/o State of Mine

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