Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Real Life, Mom Life: Cuddles

I miss the cuddles!
Boston is sooo mobile these days. He doesn't slow down even for one second. He is always wanting to stand up and wants us to help him walk around everywhere. It is the cutest but also tiring.
I nurse Boston to sleep every night and that is when I get all of my cuddles in. I cuddle him just a little longer after he has fallen asleep.
This past weekend was a crazy one. It felt like we were always on the go. Boston had a hard time falling asleep for one of his naps and I was actually really happy that he needed me to rock him to sleep.  Of course I had to document it.

This is him after he fell asleep one night.
His hands! They are my favorite.

This past weekend was my birthday weekend and these to guys are my favorite. I just had to share this picture because I think it is so cute! Boston LOVES his dad!

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