Monday, August 29, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Must Have Toys

Happy Monday!
I survived my first week back to school last week and here I go starting a brand new one! Weekends always go by way too fast. Good thing coming weekend is a 3 day weekend and MY BIRTHDAY!

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This weeks' inspiration is TOYS! These are some toys that Boston, my 8 month old, is currently LOVING!

Boston loves chewing on this toy. Each end is a different shape and texture and he loves it. He never lets go of it while he is teething either. 

Boston loves grabbing Braden's Xbox controller and playing with it. No, we didn't buy one just for him to play with. We let him play with an old one that doesn't work anymore. He loves it so much.

3. TV Remote
He loves the buttons! And again, we didn't buy one just for him to play with. We let him munch on an old one. It's funny that sometimes baby's favorite toys that we specifically buy for them to play with!

He loves chewing on these too! One day he will be old enough to build with them.

I was sent this in an Influenster box and Boston loves it! He mostly likes chewing on the tags, but he still loves it!

I actually found this at Hobby Lobby one time and HAD to get it. Boston loves shaking this and holding it between his feet. We also use it as maracas and sing some songs. He loves that too!

Boston has started outgrowing some of his toys and I read that stacking toys are really good around this age (8 months). So we bought him this wooden stacker.

8. Links
Boston has loved these ever since he was a newborn. Often times he will have one in each hand at the dinner table. It is so funny.

This is Boston's newest obsession. He loves rubber ducks! We have some in the bathtub and he always crawls in the bathroom looking for them. They are wet and gross so we only let him play with those when he is in the bath. One day he got so upset that we wouldn't let him play with it outside the tub so we had to make sure to have some that he can play with outside of the tub too. He will seriously crawl around the house holding a rubber duck in his hand the whole time.

10. Books
Boston LOVES books! And that make me (his teacher mom) so happy! We read him a book every night before bed time and he just stares at the pictures, and tries to eat the book. I love that he loves books. I know he doesn't understand them now but it is so good for them to learn to love reading at a young age.

I think it is so funny when babies play with things that aren't toys! One of Boston's favorites these days is the door stopper! We only have one in our house but he will crawl over to it and play with it. It is so funny.  Sometimes he will turn himself around and start kicking it with his feet.
Babies are the greatest!

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  1. Cute! I wish Nathan would happily sit and listen to a book being read ha ha. He gets annoyed that he can't turn the pages by himself and usually closes the book for me and tosses it to the ground... we're working on it.

  2. I love your post. Those links were a teething lifesaver for us and my little guy still sneaks some to the dinner table! LOL! :)

  3. I laughed at your xbox controller. We have an old-school Nintendo one that everyone seems to favor. Kids!

  4. Abe is 2.5 and still loves stacker toys!!

  5. That geometric stacker looks awesome! And my oldest one loved the PS3 controller as a baby! Haha!

  6. We have so many toys and my kids would prefer a piece of paper, a cup or a stick to play witb. 😂 I guess I should be happy cause their imaginations are good. :)