Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bedroom Decor: HELP!

Okay, so as many of you know we just moved into a new apartment. I am trying to change up our bedding little. I bought the comforter set a year or two ago but I hate the matchy-matchy pillows that it came with so I am trying to switch it up!

Okay, so I have two different pillow layouts. Here is the first.
The two pin tuck shams in the back came with the bedding. OR should I changed out the shams for some plain navy ones? Maybe add some silver embroidery to the borders?
Option 1: The exact picture as above
Option 2: The same layout as the picture above but with the navy pillow shams instead.

Here is the second layout.
When I bought the faux fur pillows I wanted to buy three but I only saw a 2-pack and I REALLY liked them so I just got them. I would need to put a pillow in the middle obviously. Here are some that I like.

So... Bed setup 1 or bed setup 2. And then what?
Bed setup 1 with original shams or buy navy shams?
Bed setup 2 with what cute new decorative pillow to go in the middle of the two faux fur ones?


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  1. I am ADDICTED to having a ton of pillows on my bed! And yes, I do take them all off when i go to bed (and put them back on) but they just add a special touch that I love. Great post :-)