Friday, July 22, 2016

Teacher Planner

Last year I bought a teacher planner from Plum Paper and LOVED it! I love how many different designs they have and that it is customizable. You can add you name, a monogram, or even a photo to the front cover.  You can also add custom classes to each page or leave them blank. (I leave them blank because my schedule gets moved around a lot at the beginning until we can get everything all worked out.) They have planners for teachers, students, they even have a fitness planner! (I might have to get it). They also have just a regular monthly planner. They also have two different sizes, I got the larger planner because I have to write so much in for my day.

Be sure to check them out, you'll seriously become addicted like me. 
Use the code "glitteranddonuts10" to get 10% off your planner!

Here are some pictures of the planner I got! I am seriously OBSESSED with it. I love the floral design.

This apple necklace is from SpryConcepts and I absolutely love it! Perfect for all of us teachers.

Teacher Planner: Plum Paper

Now someone please make the rest of summer go by sooooo slow. I'm not ready. I'm so not ready.


  1. Omg all the teachers at my school have these! I might have to get one. So cute.

    1. Yes you do! I love it! You'll love it!