Friday, July 1, 2016

Donut Teether: LittleSaplingToys

(I know I say this every time I am talking about a product but I really only work with companies that I absolutley love.) 
LittleSaplingToys sent me this product last week just in time for Boston to use while teething with his first tooth! It was seriously perfect timing! Honestly, I was a little skeptical about a wooden teether... How can wood be fun to chew on? But I have also seen so many wooden teethers our there recently. Well, Boston LOVES it. We gave it to him and he just took ahold of it and started chewing on it. When we took it away he started crying! He chewed on this more than any other teether while he was pushing his first tooth through.

He is actually pushing his second tooth through now so you can bet he is going to be with this teether for the next couple of days. This company is so great to work with, they respond super fast, and they also have so many different options of tethers! They have a cookie, animals, a popsicle, A MOOSE! I am probably going to HAVE to get that one. How do I not have that one already? Basically anything you could possible think of, they have.
So yes, wooden teethers are a must and they are so stinkin' cute too!
The thing that I love most about this company is that they plant a tree for each toy that is sold!

Of course we HAD to buy donuts to go along with this blog post... right?

So seriously! Go check them out! LittleSaplingToys

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