Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Real Life, Mom Life: Summer Living

It's only been two days into summer and I am LOVING being home with my little boy. I get to sleep in just a little bit more than I used to which is also nice. 
I'm really trying to only feed him once in the middle of the night. We have been successful in doing that but he is still waking up between 5:00 and 6:00 which is too early! And he isn't hungry. I try to just rub his back to get him to go back to sleep but that isn't working. So I pick him up and he seriously falls back asleep almost immediately. But, when I lay him back down he wakes up. So it usually end up just holding him until 7:30 when he wakes up. I love the cuddles but it makes sleeping a little uncomfortable. Anyone have tips on this?

We took Boston outside the other day and laid him on a blanket and he seriously just laid there. No emotion whatsoever. Did he like it? Did he hate it? I have no idea. So I sat him up and he just laid there haha. Maybe he didn't like the feel of the grass? You'd think it would be soft and comfortable. So I don't know what was up with that. He has been outside a lot but has only laid on the grass a few times. But now that it is summer it's going to be happening a lot! So hopefully he gets used to it! It was so funny.

Funny Story
Last week I was nursing Boston to sleep. He took a little break and when he went back to eat he started sucking on my arm. When he noticed that no milk was coming out he started sucking even harder! It actually hurt but it was so funny. Now I have two hickeys! Haha.

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