Monday, June 27, 2016


Dress: c/o PinkBlush

I am so excited to have teamed up with PinkBlush today. This is seriously one of my favorite shops. I recommend this site to all of my pregnant friends, I wore a lot of their clothes while I was pregnant too! The thing that I love most about their clothing is that each piece is transitional. The same piece can work for you while you are pregnant and still work for you after you have delivered your baby. Every shirt and dress that I bought while I was pregnant I am still able to wear now! 
I feel like often times maternity clothes are bought and then put in a box to store until you are pregnant with the next one. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT WITH THESE CLOTHES! It is seriously AMAZING!

I was sent this dress and I absolutely love it. Floral is so in right now, and maxi dresses are just the best. This dress is so comfortable and I think it is my new favorite dress in my closet. 
Although I am not pregnant now, this is a piece I will wear when I am pregnant again. This dress is also nursing friendly! So not only can you wear it just as a mom, you can also wear it while you are pregnant, AND it is also nursing friendly! So it's like 3 in 1. Can it get any better? 

GIVEAWAY TIME! Head on over to my Instagram (@kiana.probst) because I am giving away $50 to PinkBlush! The giveaway ends on Thursday June 30th! Good luck!

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