Monday, June 13, 2016


Yesterday Boston turned 6 months old. 6 MONTHS! That's half of a year. How is that possible?! He is getting so big. Time needs to slooooooow down!
It is so fun to watch Boston learn and grow. He is the best little babe ever.
This month he has learned so much!
His favorite foods are mangos and creamies, he loves lemons and hates raspberries. He finally can eat pureed meat without gagging. He can officially roll over in any direction. He can sit up for quite a while now before toppling over. Just this past week he has started scooting, he is mobile! What?! He loves blowing raspberries, saying "dadadada", and squealing super high pitched. He can drink water out of a sippy cup, it makes him look so grown up. He is finally getting used to the idea of laying on the grass. He will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and talk/play for a good 15 minutes before falling back asleep. He does this really cute scrunchy face. He also discovered his upper lip and will try to suck on it. Super cute. Whatever mommy and daddy have he HAS to have too.


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  1. Oh my god! This baby is so cute! You organized a wonderful first birthday photo shoot for your kid. I can never organize such an awesome party. However, trying my best this time and have booked one of iconic venues in Atlanta for my son’s birthday.