Monday, April 18, 2016

21 Days: NO SUGAR

I spent the last 21 days with NO SUGAR! I seriously am addicted to sugar. I could eat sugar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never get sick of it. I crave it after every meal and always have to end the day with something sweet. So I decided to do a sugar detox. Online there is one where you completely cut out sugar! Including fruit! I didn't do that. I still had fruit. I basically just cut out candy, chocolate, baked goods,... basically all of the bad sugar. The first few days I found to be really easy. It got super hard around days 10-13 and then I was pretty much fine the rest of the time.
Well Friday was my 21st day. So Saturday morning I broke my cleanse with a donut. The best donut in Cache Valley. Chocolate cake donut at Johnny O's Spudnuts. I ate it and it was amazing. But shortly after I felt kind of sick. Before the cleanse I could have eaten a dozen donuts and not felt sick!

Then we went to my parents house and I had a chocolate peanut butter shake, cookies, baklava. Then on Sunday we went to Braden's parents and I had pancakes, and some more cookies, girl scout cookies, a few bites of a candy bar...
I still love sugar! haha.
It's funny that when I say ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR that I can control myself. But then for some reason the second I tell myself I CAN have sugar, I go crazy!
So I decided to limit myself to one sugary treat a week.

Of course I had to celebrate my 21 days of no sugar with this donut shirt from ILY COUTURE

Just this last Saturday both Braden and I started our 21 days with NO SODA!
I love carbonated water so I will drink that but no soda or diet soda! Let's see how that goes!

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