Monday, March 28, 2016


Warning: Picture OVERLOAD!

So this was our first Easter as a family of three! Even though little Bo is only 3 months old, and doesn't really know what is happening, he makes every holiday so much more fun!
Because he is so little we really didn't put that much in his basket, let's face it, he already has everything he could possibly want, and then some. He is still wearing 3 months clothing but he is just barely starting to fill them in. So I'm thinking we will be switching to 3-6 months pretty soon here. So we bought him a few cute outfits. Then we got him some toys, a book, and socks. What more could he need? We did just order him a jumper yesterday too. Maybe we will count that as an Easter present too?

So we did Easter, Braden is sick and Boston was abnormally sleep yesterday so we basically just snuggled all day. What better way to spend your Easter, right?

I try really hard to get Boston to smile for pictures. Seriously, REALLY hard. He smiles then I hurry and get my camera and he stops. So I mean, you can see a few pictures where he has a partial smile but other than that he is mostly just sucking on his bottom lip. It is his new favorite thing to do. Here are lots of pictures! Trust me, I took like 3 times this amount but I figured what I have up is already is probably enough.

Oh, he also moves A TON! So I have my camera on the "sports" setting so that it can capture fast action movements. Well, apparently Boston moves a little TOO fast? Because he still makes some pictures blurry.

I love this picture.

Our Easter dinner! We just got a new fridge, our old one froze everything! So produce didn't last that long. Now that we have a new fridge that doesn't freeze everything, we decided to get a Bountiful Basket. Well then we had too much produce! So we juiced all of our older fruits and veggies. We got like 6 cups of juice! And yes, we drank it all.

Well, have a great Monday! It's my Spring Break, it snowed last night (I LOVE SNOW!), and I've got the cutest, sleepiest babe laying right next to me.
Life is good.

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