Friday, February 19, 2016

Sleepy Head

I have recently discovered something about myself. I like reading non-fiction, informational books better than I like reading fiction. Weird? Is anyone else like that? I actually never read fiction books. I guess I like reading and learning something.

I read the book Baby Wise. It has some really good things and some things that just don't work for me and Boston. But it has helped us out a lot. I seriously recommend it, just don't get too caught up in following the rules exactly. According to the book, Boston should be sleeping through the night by now. HA! I have done everything the book says and it just isn't for him. So instead of being frustrated about him waking up ever 2-4 hours at night, I just think oh well! More middle-of-the-night cuddles!

Anyway, one of the things the book says is to establish an "eat, wake, sleep" cycle.
We nailed this routine a while ago but yesterday Boston had a really hard time. He took a super long nap (he is getting better at those!) and then woke up hungry. So I took him out of his bassinet, unswaddled him, cuddled him for a minute because I miss him so much after naps, and then I fed him. He ate, and ate, and ate... and ate. Then PASSED OUT! I would yell "Boston!",  I'd wiggle his arms, nudge him, nothing worked. He was passed out. I thought, great! his whole schedule is going to be ruined. I realized that this sweet little babe wasn't going to wake up and there was nothing I could do about it. He was out. So I just turned on some Grey's Anatomy (obsessed with that show) and he eventually woke up like 10 minutes later.
Here is a little play-by-play.
He is the cutest.

Passed out.

Then he started to wake up.

Then we played and he was a happy baby.


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