Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Real Life, Mom Life

Boston's naps have gotten A LOT better these days. His first nap of the day is 40 minutes. Seriously, for the past week he wakes up right at 40 minutes. But the second nap of the day is TWO HOURS! Ahh. It is so nice. You'd think that I get a lot done in that time but I really don't.
So how come his naps are longer? Well, I read online somewhere to put one of those rice heating pads on their bellies and it makes them feel like you're holding them, or something like that. So at Boston's two month appointment I asked the pediatrician about it and he said that we might as well try it! But not to warm it up, just to put it on his belly. He mentioned that they had some at TJ Maxx. So I went there and they didn't have any. Well, the next day he woke up way too early from his nap and I had to hold him for the rest of it so that he'd actually sleep. I was looking around trying to find something that could help like a rice heating pad. Only thing I could think of was my nursing pillow. You guys, it works! haha. It probably feels like I am holding him. Now he takes a TWO HOUR NAP! It's amazing. So try it.  Unless your babe is already a good napper.

This week I have gotten ready every day so far! We have had errands to run and we visited daddy at work during lunch to introduce him to all of daddy's co-workers. EVERY DAY I have gotten ready. That never happens. So, I'd say this week has already been pretty successful.

I get ready and Boston watches me. He gets so amused, he's so cute!

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