Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 3

This week little Bo's umbilical cord came off! It was starting to smell REALLY bad. To the point that Braden was gagging every time he changed his diaper. We were finally able to give him a REAL bath! Not a sponge bath!
He hated it. But to be fair, he hated his sponge baths too. He hates being wet and cold.

He loved the drying off part though!

Boston also had his 2 week check up this week. He gained 1 pound 4 ounces in 12 days! He is gaining weight fast. This little guy doesn't stop eating! The pediatrician recommended we put him on a schedule. This week we have been struggling to do that. Some days are better than others but he is doing pretty good.

Boston went on his first big outing this week! We drove to Kaysville to visit Braden's family then we drove to Salt Lake to see my family and we spent the night. I was a little nervous driving that far but Boston did so well!

Boston is getting better and better at holding up his neck. He really doesn't mind tummy time, unless he's hungry, then he screams.

Funniest moment this week:
Little Bo had a poopy bum so I went to go change him. I wiped him clean and put the new diaper under him. Braden was sitting on the floor next to me when all of the sudden a pee stream shoots and hits Braden. I hurry and cover Boston so that pee doesn't continue to spray everywhere. So the changing pad had pee all over it. Braden runs to the bathroom to wash himself off and I am dying laughing. Well, two seconds later Boston poops! All over the changing pad. And with the help of the pee already on the changing pad, the poo spread everywhere. That's when he got his bath.

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