Monday, November 2, 2015

School Halloween Party

Instead of having a classroom party we had a school-wide party. I guess we didn't call it a "Halloween Party" we had to call it a "Fall Festival" (because not all students celebrate Halloween). But we had so much fun!
My second grade team is awesome and we decorated our second grade hall.  All of the students LOVED it.

The party was the last hour of the day. It was so nice doing it that way because then they all went home super hyper and it wasn't crazy trying to teach them!
Each teacher was in charge of two activities. So I asked two parents to come and help out. Then the teachers roamed the halls to make sure students were well-behaved. Students had one hour to go to any and all of the activities. Here are the activities I made and planned.

Decorating paper plates.  This was a hit. I made these ones as examples.


For school I dressed up baby boy as a ghost.
The students actually LOVED it! I got compliments all day! And it was funny, they didn't say "I like YOUR costume" they said "I love you BABY'S costume!" haha.

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