Monday, October 26, 2015

Pink Blush Maternity: My FAVORITE Fall Look

This is my absolute favorite look that I was able to put together from Pink Blush Maternity! I am seriously in love.  Remember how I told you in the first post that their fabric is super loose and stretchy? Well, this is a dress that I will DEFINITELY be wearing again when I'm not pregnant. I am seriously in love with it and I'm sure you will fall in love with it too!

Pink Blush Maternity seriously has the best maternity clothes. I was having a really hard time finding maternity clothes that were flattering to this new bump of mine. A friend recommended Pink Blush Maternity to me and it's where I have gotten 99.9% of my maternity clothes. And it makes me so happy that I can still wear all of these things when the bump is gone!
Thank you Pink Blush Maternity for letting me team up with you.

Dress c/o

Thanks for reading! If you missed the other two fall looks from Pink Blush Maternity make sure you take a look!
Look 2

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