Sunday, October 18, 2015


Braden and I were going to have Canada be our last vacation just the two of us. But then fall break came and we knew we wanted to do something! So we decided to go on an actual "babymoon" and I am so glad that we did. It was so much fun!
We were looking to go somewhere not too far, and somewhere we had never been to.
After being recommended TWICE to stay in this little cabin in Afton, Wyoming we decided that's what we would do.
Check in wasn't until 3:00 and we were there a little early so we walked around the little shops. 

When I saw a chocolate shop we HAD to stop in. We got some yummy truffles.
Then once those were all gone we went back the next day and bought A LOT more :)

We still had some time to kill so we decided to go to the Intermittent Spring.

So this was actually kind of scary doing 7 months pregnant. We literally had to climb up the little waterfall. I was pretty much on my hands and knees because I was TERRIFIED of falling.

If you read the picture of the sign that I posted you would have read that the water flow starts and stops every 15ish minutes. When we got to the top the water flow had stopped so we just sat on the rock and I caught my breath. All of the sudden we hear this loud banging and I am thinking there is a moose with its huge antlers trying to get through. Yeah, unrealistic I know, but it was a little scary. Apparently that was just the sound the water made as it started coming back out.

This is the same picture just with WATER!
Once the water stopped we made the hike back down. The way down was a lot more terrifying than the way up. I was seriously holding on the the rock wall or Braden for dear life. I am pretty proud that I did that hike 7 months pregnant.

Once we got to the bottom :)

Well, we had killed enough time and it was time to go to our little cabin. The cutest little getaway. It was so fun. They had a lot of little cabins along the side of the highway but our cabin was off the main road, tucked into the wilderness away from everything.

I thought this little bear was the cutest thing.

The next day we drove to Jackson Hole. 

I HAD to take a picture of this moose. If you don't already know, our baby's nursery is going to be lumberjack themed and his stuffed animal is going to be MOOSE! We already have 3 for him :)

We had brunch at the cutest little bakery. I had bread pudding french toast. It was AMAZING!
Oh, and then that GIANT pastry next to my french toast is a cinnamon brioche. So good! The next time you're in Jackson Hole make sure to go to Persephone Bakery.

Here is a close up of my meal

Braden had a Croque Madame and it was AMAZING as well. I think you'd be safe ordering anything from this bakery. So good. My mouth is watering for it again!

It was so chilly in the mornings. We thought ahead and brought some hot chocolate mix.

 This little getaway was so much fun and much needed. I have enjoyed the last three and a half years with Braden and we are so excited to have our baby boy!

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