Saturday, September 19, 2015

Race to the Cake ... Or Should I Say CUPCAKE!

As you all know, I love donuts. And if you didn't know well, look at the name of my blog.
I also really, really, realllllllllly like cupcakes. But not just any cupcake. I only like the cupcakes from Temptation Cupcakes. They are so amazing. And their cream cheese frosting is the best thing in the world. Every time we go I ask "which ones have cream cheese frosting?", and those are the ones that I buy. 
They are open from 10:00 - SOLD OUT. Naturally, Braden and I can only make it there after work when their selection is bare or they are sold out. I always see these really good flavors on Instagram that they post but they are never there when we go. I was telling Braden earlier this week that I wanted to go there on Saturday morning (today) when they open so that we could choose from their whole selection.
Well yesterday I came home from work and Braden and I were just sitting on our comfy couches. I was on Instagram and saw that it was groopdealz's 5th birthday. And they were having a "Race to the Cake" thing going on. Basically they teamed up with the best bakeries and cupcakeries around the U.S. to celebrate their birthday. So the first person to go to _________ bakery got free cupcakes and $100 in Groopdealz credit. They would post a store location on Instagram and people would run over to that location hoping to be the first one there. Well this had started in the morning, and it was now 4 in the afternoon. After someone had been the winner, Groopdealz would ask for requests for the state they should go to next. So I looked at previous pictures and had seen they had already been to Utah. Oh well, we are going to get cupcakes tomorrow. 
A little bit later, I get on Instagram again... and hey! 37 seconds ago they posted that they were having the next "racetothecake" in LOGAN! AT TEMPTATION CUPCAKE! So I freak out "Braden! I can get a free cupcake and $100 if I'm the first on there, should I go?" "Sure." "Really?" "Sure". So I guess that convinced me, I grabbed my wallet, threw on the first pair of flip flops that I could find, grabbed my keys, and ran out the door. My heart was racing, REALLLLLLY hoping I would win. I mean, I saw it after it had been online for 37 seconds. Hopefully I was one of the first people in Logan to see it. I got stuck in a left turn lane. Thinking "great, someone is going to beat me". I finally make the turn, then I get stuck at a stop light. DARN IT! I can see Temptation Cupcake's parking lot and no one is turning in. Okay, I had a chance. The light turns green and I go! (the speed limit, maybe 1 or 2 mph more....). I turn in and see NO ONE IS IN THE SHOP! AHHH! I THINK I WON! Well, then I see a girl in the parking lot right next to me, she has the same happy/excited smile that I have on. I hurry and get out of my car and run! I threw the door open and the bells on the door made a super loud noise (kind of embarrassing). I asked the employee if I was the first! And she said YES! Then the girl in the parking lot comes in, "Did you win?" "yeah......". Then the employee tells me okay, pick out six cupcakes. 6?!?!?! Okay, gladly!!! (I thought I was only getting one). So naturally I ask "which ones have cream cheese frosting?" She tells me, "okay I'll get those" (there were only 3) and then I picked out some for Braden. They had a really good selection. It was 5:00 and they still had a lot of cupcakes! So now, we don't need to go there today, and they were free! So sorry to the girl that I beat, but I'm 6 months pregnant and I won. Sorry, I ran but I REALLLLLLLY wanted those cupcakes.

I had to have the employee take a picture of me to prove that I was the first one. 
A little awkward but she was nice.

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