Thursday, August 1, 2013


The first night we spent Marriott Hotel where we had sparking cider and the BEST chocolate covered strawberries I have ever had in my life.
The next morning we made the drive to Saint George, where we also stayed at the Marriot.  We stayed there for three and a half days.  We ate, went to Zion's National park, swam, watched movies, and just had a lot of fun.  Then we drove to Las Vegas and spent our last three days there.  We stayed at the Cosmopolitan, definitely the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in.  We didn't do much in Vegas, we walked the strip, watched the Bellagio fountains, tried sodas from around the world, and of course we ate.  Sadly, after an amazing honeymoon we had to make the long drive back to Logan, move in, and start work again.

We were on our honeymoon, we weren't thinking about capturing every moment.  I wish we had more pictures but we don't, but that's okay because we had a lot of fun.  So here are the few that we took.



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