Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crafts on Crafts

Lately I have been in the crafting mood.  I want to make cute new decorations for my apartment (all you creative, cute people out there, I need your help!), I want to make cute things for my soon to be FIRST nephew, I want to make cute skirts and maxi skirts and all sorts of things.
Here are some of the things I want to make, so if any of you want to join me please do! It would be more fun than just doing it alone.  I have a sewing machine and hot glue gun you can borrow :)

here and here

I like this idea

some cool kind of scrapbook like this
I don't know how to scrapbook... help?

2 Upcycled Containers - White Faux Porcelain Pottery 
I like these too one and two

I know it is a little late to make these, but I absolutely love them so I don't care.

I love these. here and especially THIS one

And something like this would be really fun!

I eventually am going to do all of these.  So if you want to do them with me that would be so fun! I can even make cookies or something. If you live in Logan or are willing to drive to Logan to hang out with me, I'll like you and we'll have a really good time.

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