Saturday, August 17, 2013

Camping at Tony Grove

A good high school friend of Braden, and his wife planned a fun camping trip to Tony Grove.
Our trip consisted of almost running into cows, chopping wood, sitting around a camp fire talking, being intrigued by the fire, canoeing, kayaking, seeing moose, laughing, and having a good time.

We drove up Friday evening and on the drive up through the canyon there were several cows on the side of the road.  Because it was a windy road, and we couldn't really see what was ahead, we decided to drive a bit slower because there were so many cows.  Which was a good thing because one cow almost stepped out right in front of us, and another cow was just stopped right in the middle of the road.

Once we got to the camp ground we got all our things set up and sat around the fire.
We ate, talked, chopped wood, and were just entertained until it was time for bed.

(he's a true lumberjack)

Braden and I woke up before anyone else so we walked around for a bit and saw two moose! A baby and it's dad.  I wanted to get closer so I could get a better picture but Braden discouraged it, I didn't know that moose were aggressive/dangerous animals so it's a good thing he was there to stop me or I probably would have been attacked.
So this is the best we could get.

Then we ate breakfast and packed everything up to go to the lake!
A few people drove up in the morning and met us there.
We had canoes and a kayak, and we just hung out on the lake for a little bit.

And because we were so close to Bear Lake... we decided to go back!

(pretty much the same picture as the previous post, but oh well, we're cute)

After laying in the sun and playing in the lake we made the long, windy drive back home.
One more week until schools starts! We have to get all the fun in we can now!

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