Monday, July 29, 2013


I wasn't the type of girl that had my entire wedding planned by the time I was 12.  But the one thing I KNEW was that I wanted a tulle dress and I wanted it as full as possible.

This was the first dress that I tried on, and believe it or not, I thought it was THE ONE.

 Yes, I realize this makes me look like a little girl and it is not flattering at all.
If it wasn't for my mom taking pictures of every dress I tried on, I probably would have picked this one...

My mom recommended that I try something with a drop waist.  After trying these on and looking at the previous picture I knew that I needed a drop waist.  Now I had trouble deciding if I wanted tulle or not.

Next, I tried on a mermaid dress just for fun.

Cute, but not the shape I wanted.  So after trying on more and more dresses I came back to these two.

The bridal consultant told my mom that most brides that come in and want tulle, don't change their mind.  Well, after looking at the pictures back and forth for quite a while, I finally decided what I wanted...

After we got married I showed Braden all the pictures of the wedding dresses that I tried on, and this one was his favorite.  So I guess I did a good job.

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  1. I absolutely love your dress! I love all the pick ups in it. But you looked beautiful in all of them, like you always are! You made a beautiful bride!