Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summerfest Arts Faire

Last year Braden and I went to the Summerfest, we thought it was just tents set up with art and crafts, so before we went there we ate a Carl's Jr.  When we got to the faire we realized that we made a huge mistake.  They had so much fair food and we were too full to eat it!
This year we didn't make the same mistake!  We went on an empty stomach so we could eat there.  Braden picked to have dutch oven, we had boneless ribs, jalapeno dutch oven potatoes, green beans, and cobbler!  It was probably the most amazing cobbler I have ever had.  

Then I decided that we needed to get a funnel cake.  (The second one I have ever had in my life.)  Honestly, my favorite way is to just have powdered sugar on it, it's too sweet for me any other way.  Which is weird because I love candy and sugar!

I decided to get the Hot Glazed Donut Funnel cake and it was so good!

So after the cobbler, and the funnel cake, we decided to get cotton candy too!

Let's just say we both had a bit of a sugar rush afterward. 
So if you live in Logan and you haven't been to the Summerfest yet go today!  It's definitely worth it.

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