Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend with my family. On Saturday night we all had dinner at my parents house.  Braden and I requested to have my mom make Creme Brule for dessert.  She made too much, but that was okay with us, because we got to eat it three days in a row! It was amazing. 

 After dinner on Saturday all the siblings went to my sister's house for a game night, which are always really fun.  On the fourth Sunday of every month we try to have the whole family get together at my parents, so we all had a delicious dinner that night as well.  Then for Memorial Day Braden and I went shopping in the morning then my sister had planned a barbeque with some games at my parents house.

 We had a three-legged race. Braden and I lost.
 Then we all had a balloon tied on our ankles, we had to try to step on other people's balloons and pop them without getting ours popped. (I didn't have shoes and didn't want people stepping on me, so I cheated and had Braden step on mine right as the game started)
 Then we each got a plate with whipped cream on it.  There was an M&M under the whipped cream and the  first person to find it without using their hands won... I won that one.

There were more games after that but Braden and I had to leave early to head back to Logan before it got too late.  But it's safe to say that we had a really fun Memorial Day weekend, and I hated going back to work today. 
Braden and I both start summer school next week, so that isn't going to be any better.

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