Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm a Blogger!

Well I am now a part of the blog world.  Never thought it would happen so we will see how it goes.

I guess I will start off by giving a little background.  I have seen a lot of newly engaged couples writing about how them and their fiance met.  I am not one of those newly engaged couples, but I am a newly wed so I decided I would do it any way, good way to introduce myself right?

On November 19th, 2010 I got an email from my brother who was serving a mission in Russia at the time, this is what he wrote:
"So do you want to write an Elder in my mission? Good. His name is Elder Probst. He is an AP and he is cool. You should write him or email him I guess. Unless you think he is ugly. Then you don't have to write him... Everyone thinks that me and him both look like Matt Damon. They think if me and him were to have a baby, we would have Matt Damon. Weird."
Along with the email he attached these two pictures.

I definitely did NOT think he was ugly. So, I emailed him. Our letters were just us introducing ourselves, asking each other questions, and he would share experiences about his mission.  We wrote for the last 7 months of his mission.  The week he was coming home I got an email from my brother telling me to add him on Facebook and to go to his homecoming. I thought that was a little creepy so I didn't.  But I guess Braden had the same idea.  When he got home he added me on Facebook and messaged me inviting me to his homecoming.  That next Sunday my roommate and I drove from Logan to Kaysville to meet my future husband for the first time.  Unfortunately Emily had a farewell to go to that same day, so we had to leave Sacrament Meeting a little early so we decided to show up early so I could introduce myself to him.
I had done my stalking on Facebook so I knew what he looked like.  We walked into the chapel and I saw a man on the stand wearing a missionary name tag.  I thought that was him but it didn't really look like his Facebook pictures.  We stood around awkwardly for a few moments debating if that was really him.  He was talking to some ward members and I got a close look at his name tag and saw that it said "Elder Probst".  I built up some courage and walked towards him and his name tag was in RUSSIAN! (So I don't know how I read "Elder Probst"). But I was too close to turn around and his hand had already been extended out to shake mine and he said "So you must be Kiana." We spend the next few minutes talking. I already knew he was going to go to Utah State, so I asked him where he was going to be living he said "Old Farm", that's where I was living.  Then the meeting started and Emily and I had to awkwardly leave half way through his talk, but he gave me a head nod from the stand. I took that as a good sign.
From June-August we only hung out a couple of times, he was living in Kaysville and I was in Logan so it wasn't very easy to get together a lot, which was unfortunate because I really liked him.  But we were able to do some fun things for example; He came to Logan and we went and got snow cones and had a bonfire, then he came up again and we made dinner together.  We hiked Ensign Peak, he invited me to go to one of his friends wedding and other fun things throughout the summer.  This whole time I was waiting for him to hold my hand and he never did, I didn't know if he really liked me, or if I was just a friend.
When he moved down to Logan he called me.  My roommates and I went to his apartment to meet him and all of his roommates. It was Welcome Week so there were a lot of activities on campus.  We (me and my roommates and him and his roommates) went to most of the activities together.  I decided that I wanted some alone time with him.  So I invited him to go on a  hike with me.  I was so nervous because I didn't know if he liked me and I had decided that after this date I was NEVER going to pursue him.  If he wanted to date me HE would have to make the move.  So on August 25th 2011, he came over to my apartment and we drove to our hiking destination. Everything was going good, conversation was flowing.  We finally reached a point where we decided to stop and sit to watch the sunset.  I sat down first and he sat a foot away from me. Things weren't looking good, and I was hating myself for asking him on this date. But it was okay because I had decided that after this night I wasn't going to pursue anything.  We sat there talking and it started getting dark. I asked if he was ready to leave and he said yes.  But we still sat there, and I didn't know why. A few moments later he wrapped his arm around me. I was so happy! After 4 months he made a move! I didn't want to stand up after that, I just wanted to sit there all night. We eventually did get up and made our way down when he held my hand. That was probably one of the best days of my life. I liked him and after that night I knew he liked me too.

Things kept going good. On my birthday (September 4th) I went to my parents house in Salt Lake to celebrate.  Braden asked if he could make dinner for me sometime that week. So four days later (September 8th) he came and got me from my apartment and made me garlic chicken, crash hot potatoes, and green beans (my favorite!).  After dinner we sat down on the couch in his apartment all cute and cuddly.  When it was time to go he gave me a hug, leaned his head on mine and leaned in for the kiss!
A few days later we had the "DTR" and we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.
Not too long after that Braden had a late review for one of his classes.  We had been hanging out together all day and I offered to drive him up to campus and pick him up when he was done. When we got back from me picking him up we just stood in the parking lot hugging and being all cute. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to learn something in Russian. I said yes! He said "ya tebya lyublyu". I asked him what that meant and he said "I love you" and I immediately responded with "I love you too". And according to him, I gave him a "death" hug. Things were going good. 
On New Year's Eve we had made plans to hang out at my parents house.  He was on his way over when he called me.  He asked if I had hiking shoes, and if I wanted to go on a hike.  A little confused, I said yes.  He came and picked me up and we went to Ensign Peak (where we had our first REAL date over the summer).  We got to the top and just looked over Salt Lake and people watched and had a good time.  Then he began to tell me the reasons he loves me and why he wanted to marry me. (I was so oblivious to what was about to happen, I didn't know it was the beginning of a proposal!).  A few moments later he slid a ring onto my finger, I looked at it and say "oh my!". I turned around and then he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! And well, I guess the rest is history. We got married four months and eleven days later :)

MAY 11, 2012

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