Monday, November 13, 2017

Perfectly Perfect

Happy Monday! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?! I haven't started Christmas shopping because I have been waiting for all of the Black Friday deals. I'm feeling a little nervous about having waited but I have written a list of everything, hopefully, that I need to get so I am ready! I am not huge on Black Friday shopping in person, I like to do it all online from the comfort of my own home. Waking up early, standing in lines, large groups of people... that's just not my thing.
Hopefully I can get it all for a good deal next week!

This baby bump just keeps getting bigger! At my last appointment my doctor measured me and I told him I'm sure I was measuring huge because I am bigger than I was at this point with Boston. And he told me I was measuring right on time! Which was surprising because even with Boston I was always measuring a week or two ahead and then he came two weeks early. I'm really hoping this girl stays in the whole time! Crazy, I know! Everyone usually wants their babes to come a little early. But not me! I know I'm going to be uncomfortable (I'm already getting there) but as excited as I am to meet her, I can patiently wait for this one.

Today I am sharing with you this beautiful dress from That's Perfectly Perfect. I love the bell sleeves and the simple lace detail. The color is also so pretty. I know I have said this a million times but I am a HUGE fan of clothing that is so transitional from pregnancy to motherhood and this is definitely one of those pieces. It is super flowy and flattering.
Be sure to check them out because they have the prettiest things! Like this dress that would be perfect for the holiday season! Seriously, I am obsessed with it. But unfortunately this baby bump won't fit in it. And I am loving this hooded cardigan too!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Bump Glow Maternity

Happy Friday! Is it just me or has this week draaaaaaged?
Next week I am going on two field trips with my first graders and then the week after is only a two day week because of Thanksgiving! Hopefully that means that the next week and a half will go by fast!

I am one that really doesn't like to buy maternity clothes. So when I can find maternity clothes for a GOOD deal then I am all in! Bump Glow Maternity is a company that sells NEW maternity clothing at a fraction of the price. The products come directly from other manufacturers or wholesalers so that is why they are able to sell pieces at such an affordable price.

Both of the pieces I got are originally from Old Navy and I love them! Give me allllll of the maternity leggings and lace up tops. They have pieces from Old Navy, Gap, Motherhood, Everly Grey, Indigo Blue. They are always getting new pieces and the prices are seriously amazing!

top and leggings c/o Bump Glow Maternity

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wildlife Wednesday with

Happy Wednesday!
Remember when Wildlife Wednesday was a thing? I sort of miss it and I don't have anymore wildlife shirts anymore! I seriously think I am going to buy some so that I can start celebrating it again. Boston can't be celebrating it without me... right?
I got these shirts from Sawyer and I absolutely love them! When I opened up the package Boston immediately love their Bronco Tee because of the truck, and he is obsessed with trucks! These shirts are great quality and we have been loving them so far! Boston now knows what a fox says too ;)
I love supporting local companies and Sawyer is based out of Park City, Utah!
I also really love their message. They are all about encouraging kids to play and explore outside. Braden and I didn't let Boston watch TV until after he turned one. It was probably closer to 18 months. I had read so many things online about how it can delay their learning/speaking. I wanted Boston to love to play outside. I remember when I was little my parents would take us to a park every Saturday morning and we would ride our bikes, rollerblade, skateboard, play catch, ride out scooters around, etc. This is something that we plan on doing with out kids because we want them to love being outside, and Boston already does!
So aside from their really cool shirts and amazing quality, their message is exactly what I believe in as well and I totally support this company and you bet I'll be buying their tees. Like thisthis, and this.
Check them out because I am sure you will LOVE them as much as I do.

Tees c/o Sawyer