Friday, April 20, 2018

Talia: Two Months

Not much has changed since Talia was one month old. The biggest change is that she is SMILING! And it is the cutest thing in the world! She is always looking for Boston and watches him everywhere he goes. She is still super chill and pretty indifferent about everything. She is sleeping A LOT better at night. Her first stretch is usually 7 hours then I get another 3 or 4 hour stretch after that.

Boston absolutely loves her. Every time she wakes up from her nap I bring her out and Boston wants to show her everything he is playing with.
Basically, I have to two cutest kids ever. Oh, and when I pulled out the blanket and little flower wreath to take some pictures Boston asked where to put the wreath and I said to put it on the number two and he did it perfectly!

We had her two month appointment today and she fell asleep just as we were waiting to get called in.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Postpartum Anxiety Round 2

As many of you know... I suffered pretty severely with postpartum anxiety after having Boston. I did a post about it here. My two triggers were going out in public with him on my own and schedules. When I was still in the hospital with Talia the nurses asked if I had a history of anxiety and when I said yes they asked if I wanted to be put on medication to help and I said no. I wanted to see if I could handle it on my own. And now after 8 weeks I can tell you that I am doing SO MUCH better this time around.

1. Going out in public
I think it took over a year to be able to go out into public with Boston alone after he was born. ONE year. That is insane. Guess what? I have already gone out by myself with both kids after having Talia! After having Boston I read so many scary stories about things that would happen at grocery stores and that would really send me into an anxiety attack and would set me back even further. I came across one of those stories a few days after Talia was born and I will admit, I had an anxiety attack. I was worried that it was going to happen all over again. But then the next day it was over. I talked to Braden about it and I felt calm.

2. Schedules
After having Boston I read the book "Baby Wise". I am a very schedule oriented person and I have heard amazing stories about people who used the "Baby Wise" method on their kids. To sum it up, the first two weeks you let baby do what baby wants to do. Then at two weeks you start putting them on a schedule where they eat, play, sleep. And you repeat that cycle every 3 hours. I tried for a very long time to get Boston on that schedule. If he woke up too early I would rock him and bounce him to make him happy because according to the book... I couldn't feed him quite yet. It made days and nights long and stressful. Then when he finally was on the "Baby Wise" schedule I hated every going off the schedule for fear of what could happen. If he had a crappy day of naps, then he slept crappy at night. I needed him to stay on schedule.

I am not going to say that my anxiety about schedules is at an absolute ZERO. But it is definitely a lot less than before. With Boston I was always paranoid about his schedule. This time, I am a lot more lenient. I am even more lenient with Boston's schedule! I'm not saying I am like this every day but I am okay with schedules not working out perfectly every day of the week. Talia isn't even on a schedule yet, I really just let her do what she wants to do. And when she wakes up from a nap way too early my first reaction is panic and then I remember that it's okay. It's fine.

So to sum it up. Anxiety this time around is SO much better. Basically non-existent. I know that there is a chance that it can still show up down the road but I'm feeling good about where I am at right now.

Boston and Talia in their big brother/little sister outfits.
These are old pictures from about 1 month ago. But aren't they the cutest?! 

Shirt/Onesie: c/o CandECustomTees

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Nursing Accessories feat. Stork Landing

Good morning! Today I am sharing with you a few nursing accessories that I have used this time around that I didn't use when I was nursing Boston. The first being washable nursing pads. I nursed Boston for 14+ months and only used disposable nursing pads and I wore them the WHOLE 14+ months, I had to. This time around I looked into the price of washable ones and after buying two boxes of disposable ones the washable ones would pay for themselves. There was no question, I would buy washable ones. And I never would have to worry about running out of disposable ones ever again.
I have been using bamboobies that Stork Landing gave me and I am loving them. They are super thin so you can't even tell that you are wearing them and they are soft! Even after being washed a few times they are still soft!
The second item are some MilkMakers lactation cookies. I never tried lactation cookies with Boston, whenever I noticed a slight decrease in my supply I would drink extra water, eat some oatmeal, make energy bites with flaxseed etc... I was really excited to try them out this time. Last week I got some stomach bug, food poisoning maybe? It lasted about 36 hours where I basically didn't eat or drink anything and naturally my supply dipped. I only pump two times a day and my second pump of the day was significantly lower! I thought that would be the perfect time to pull out the cookies and give them a try. Seriously, that same night I pumped one ounce more than I had the night before! So I definitely think they worked! They taste pretty good too!

Kay but seriously, isn't she just the CUTEST!!!

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