Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pirate Creative Play feat. Stork Landing

About a month ago I told you that I was given the amazing opportunity to become a product tester for  Stork Landing. Every so often we (me and a few other moms) are given a goodie bag with items to test and try. If we are given an item that we may not use or our kids won't use we are able to switch it out for something else. I am telling you this because I want you to know that the products I am testing out are ones that I (or my kids) will actually use.


I am REALLY excited about the items I was given this time around. Today's post is all about creative play. Being home on maternity leave this past month and a half has really had me think about how Boston is spending his time. I will admit, at the beginning of my maternity leave there was a lot of TV watching. I was exhausted and Talia nursed all the time. And you know what, for that moment in my life it was okay. We still watch more TV than I would like but we are slowly fading away from it. Especially now that it is warming up. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen on my Instastories a few days ago that I want to start working on a project for Boston. This project involves learning and creativity and a lot less TV watching.
This pirate play set that I got is a perfect introduction to the other kinds of activities I am planning for Boston. It's all about CREATIVITY! Using his imagination, playing, and just being a boy.

Here he is using three different items.
1. Pirate Hat
2. Hygloss Colored Sand (100% natural + environmentally friendly)
3. SafariLtd Toobs - Pirate Figurines

This is such an easy activity to have on hand and set up in a few minutes. There are a lot of different figurine sets you can choose from. You can use different colors of sand to go along with your theme, or choose a neutral that you can reuse with multiple themes. And then to add a fun little touch, get something they can dress up in so they can really get creative.

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