Tuesday, June 20, 2017

St. George Recap

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw that we went on a little family vacation to St. George last week. I get really nervous about Boston not being on schedule so I was actually freaking out a little bit about the drive down and almost didn't want to go on the trip. But I knew that once we got down there he would be fine. He did surprisingly well on the long car ride despite only taking a 30 minute nap.
Here is a little recap on our trip and a lot of pictures.

Braden and I were pretty exhausted from the drive, probably more exhausted than Boston. We got to the house (his parents have a time share in St. George) and just relaxed for a little. Then we went grocery shopping, made dinner, and went on a golf cart ride. Boston LOVED the golf cart.

We went and walked around Dixie Rock and did a little shopping at the outlets. Then we went to Thunder Junction Park. It is seriously one of the coolest, if not the coolest, park I have ever been to! It was so fun and there was a splash pad with a waterfall. There were quite a few kids that just wanted Boston to play with them so bad! They would ask me to have him go over with them to play. Boston's favorite thing was to play with the fountains shooting from the ground. Then we got dinner at my favorite restaurant in Saint George, Benja's Thai.

Their Mango Sticky Rice is my favorite thing ever. I always order it!

We went to breakfast at Egg & I. We had heard so many good things about it and it was amazing! Then we went to the park again, but this time we went earlier and we rode their train that they have there. The rest of the afternoon was spent at Instacare. Boston woke up with a rash that morning and we called our pediatrician to see what to do. They said to give him Benadryl and if the rash hadn't gone down that we should take him in. By the afternoon it was actually WORSE! So we took him in and the wait was so long. He stole a lady's walker, but she didn't care. Boston had the time of his life. By the time we were done at Instacare it was time for dinner.

We went back to Dixie Rock and did a little more exploring. Then we went to their little farmers market. In the afternoon we went to the Children's Museum. SO FUN! We walked around the temple grounds then had dinner.

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