Monday, June 5, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Day at the Park

Good morning! Today's Mommy Style Monday topic is a day at a the park! We did this last summer as well and it was so much fun to see the difference a year makes! If you want to see last year's post it is here. Boston was only 6 months old then and just so little! We would just walk around or lay in the shade. But now that he is almost 18 months old things are A LOT different.

We try to go outside every day whether it's to a park, to walk around campus, walk around the neighborhood, play in the yard, or in our swimming pool on our back patio. We also like to go find new parks or go to ones we don't go to often.
This park is a super fun one. It looks like a castle. They also have a little section for younger kids which is so fun. But Boston's favorite thing is the swing! He has also started liking slides a lot too. He likes going down them and then trying to climb back up it haha.
This little guy LOVES being outside. He literally says "OUTSIDE!" within 1 minute of being awake. And he also says it as we are laying him down for bed :)
He LOVES it and it makes me so happy.

This is some cool musical instrument. You hit those balls into the metal cylinders and it's kind of like a xylophone.

Here he is trying to climb up the slide!

He's driving a boat.

What does a day at the park look like for you?
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  1. That park is the cutest! Nathan is obsessed with the swing too haha. He calls it a "wee!" It's so fun to play with them outside!