Monday, March 13, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Day to Night

Happy Monday! Only 3 more weeks until Spring Break. I also have a VERY exciting event this Saturday that I am super excited/nervous about. I can't wait to show you!

Today's post idea is from Monica. Today us moms are showing you a fun day to night outfit transition. I am wearing the same top in both outfits and am changing up the rest.

Day Outfit: I know people say leggings are pants but I disagree. They are just so comfy. Most days (when I'm not at work) you will see me wearing something comfy like this. And with my Fawn Design diaper bag of course.

 We went to the park and it was a bit chilly. So I put my duster on over it.

 Night Outfit: I don't usually get super dressed up when I'm just hanging out with family. So this is how I dressed up the outfit. I put some jeans on, some nicer shoes, and my Michael Kors bag that I am obsessed with. It was a graduation present from my parents and I sadly don't use it a lot now since it isn't big enough for all of Boston's things.

So there you have it! Two pretty simple looks but I am all about comfort these days.

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Our next Mommy Style Monday post that is open for all will be April 10th. We have a special post on March 27th and the sign up is already closed to public but we would love to have you back on April 10th! So please sign up here!


  1. You look cute! I'm all about the simple looks.

  2. I love that purse! And the lip color is great too.