Monday, February 27, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Spring Cleaning Tips

I started reading this book when I was on maternity leave one year ago! I didn't make it very far, then I forgot about it, and I finished it a few months ago. Ever since I have been decluttering and organizing ALL THE TIME. I feel like I have gotten rid of a lot but yet I still own a lot. So maybe the minimalistic life isn't for me, even thought I really want it to be. I just need a day that I can go through everything quick and just be done! But I definitely don't buy as much as I use to! And it is easier for me to keep my house clean!
So what are my tricks? Well I posted this cleaning chart a while ago and this really helps me!

This helps me a lot. I used to clean my whole house on Saturday's and sometimes I still do that if I get lazy during the week. But this schedule really helps me keep a clean house. It seriously takes me 30 minutes TOPS each night. And that includes a quick 10 minute pick up that Braden and I do around the house. Once Boston is down for the night and I have done my exercises, we do a 10 minute pick up. Each of us cleaning for 10 minutes is 20 minutes of work. I would say that is my biggest "trick" to keeping a clean house. Having a kid helps though too. I am constantly cleaning after him! ;)

What are your best tips to keeping a clean house? 

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