Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone! Those of you that live in Utah, are you loving this weather? I love the snow and I was actually dreading winter this year because I didn't know what to do with Boston. I was afraid to take him outside because I didn't want him getting too cold. But you guys, Boston LOVES the snow. He LOVES being outside. Yesterday morning we woke up to so much snow. Braden went outside to shovel the snow. We have Boston's snowsuit hanging on hooks on the back of our door and Boston just kept pointing at it and grabbing my shoes. He wanted to go outside so bad. So at 7:00am we put on his snowsuit and we went outside! Boston was slipping and falling all over but he LOVED it. He was laughing so hard! We were outside for like 20 minutes before we decided to go back inside. When we picked Boston up he started kicking and screaming. He did not want to go inside. We ended up going back out like 3 more times and he loved it. I am so happy.

Anyway, onto the real point of this post. Today I have teamed up with SaltLakeClothing to give not one but TWO of you a Valentine's Day sweatshirt! I was so excited to get this sweatshirt and even more excited when I put it on. It is so soft. The softest sweatshirt I have ever worn.
I know there are a lot of couples that really go all out on Valentine's Day. Braden and I haven't really been that big into the holiday. I always get flowers and we usually go out to eat or just have dinner at home and that's about it. With a baby it's even harder. So you bet I'm going to be sporting this super cute, comfortable, casual sweatshirt.
So. Want to enter the giveaway? Follow both me and slcclothing on Instagram. Tag friends in my picture (each tag is an entry). We are giving away one heart sweatshirt and one xo sweatshirt. So make sure you take a look at their site (here) and choose the one you want. Make sure you mention the one you want in the comments! We will be choosing one winner for each sweatshirt!
Good luck!

And of course I had to add this candid picture. Boston had SOOO much fun in the snow yesterday.

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