Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Healthy Eating Challenge with MARCI!

For the month of December I was doing a healthy eating challenge with Marci from Marci Barker Fitness! I am really good about the fitness part of my routine but I have a hard time when it comes to healthy eating. I go through phases where all I want to do is eat healthy and then I go to phases where I just don't care! Haha.
What I loved about this program was that I wasn't just told what to do and then left alone. Marci sent emails and videos every day to help me out. Each week you had a different goal to work towards. IT was nice because I wasn't just told to do all of these changes at ONCE! I got to ease my way into it. Each week built on the last week. Each day I recorded how I did and I was able to leave a comment or question and Marci would personally message me back! At the beginning of each week Marci would explain in a video why we were doing what we were doing and why it is good for us. I LEARNED SO MUCH! I have never done an eating challenge where I actually learned something. I just did it because it said to.
Check out her public Facebook group HERE so that you can stay connected and learn more! Not only does she teach you about nutrition, she also teaches you about exercise!
AND! Use this code towards your first challenge to get $20 off! "fitfriends".
I seriously had so much fun doing this healthy eating challenge and I learned so much and will continue to apply what I learned into my daily life.

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