Monday, December 5, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Favorite Books

Good morning and happy Monday! Two and a half more weeks until Christmas break! I am beyond excited. These next few weeks better fly by.

Today's Mommy Style Monday is all about our favorite children books or our children's favorite books. I hate to admit this but I actually don't love to read. I like reading non-fiction, I like learning things. But just reading to read... there are so many other things that I'd rather do. As an elementary teacher I know how important it is for children to read and for them to enjoy reading. Ever since the day that Boston was born we have tried to read to him every. single. day. And you guys, it has paid off. Boston LOVES books. HE LOVES THEM! And it is the cutest thing. I love having him sit on my lap and read a book with me. Most of the time he is just banging on the book, trying to turn the pages, or trying to shut the book... but it is still so fun!

As a school teacher, I order books every single month through Scholastic. We own a couple hundred of books. Haha. I have a little problem. But it is so fun. And it is even more fun because Boston loves them!

These are Braden's favorite books to read to Boston.

This is just a cool way for Boston to learn his colors.

I love getting books for each season/holiday.

This is just the cutest book.

Boston's favorite books are touch and feel books and books that have flaps in them. As you can tell, he couldn't stay away from these books long enough for me to take a picture. Haha. He loves books!

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  1. I love your picks. We love holiday books.And those be still my soul signs in the background are so cute I need those!


  2. Cute! Nathan is obsessed with books that are touchy feely or have flaps too! I miss the days when I could order from Scholastic... And also, I think Guess How Much I Love You is so cute, but I get so sick of saying "Big Nut Brown Hair" and "Little Nut Brown Hair" ha ha. Couldn't the author have picked shorter names?? haha

  3. Those are all so great! My baby is all about the touch and feel ones as well.

  4. Love these. We have a couple hundred kids books too, but that's a good thing right?!? That's awesome you can get them through Scholastic! I used to love their book fairs at my school!

  5. So cute! We have tons of children's books as well and my kids love to read. Sometimes they get tired of what we have, which is when we go to the library and get new ones. After that, they usually have a renewed interest in our
    "old" books.