Monday, December 19, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Christmas Traditions

Braden is on Winter Break. But I still have to teach through WEDNESDAY! Ugh. But I am almost there. Luckily.
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Today's Mommy Style Monday post is all about Christmas traditions. Braden and I really don't have that many traditions! And I am a little embarrassed to say that. Luckily there are other mom's linked to this post so I can steal some of their ideas ;)
Now that Braden and I have Boston we want to start some real traditions. This week we are going to decorate some gingerbread cookies! We haven't done it in the 4.5 years that we have been married so it will be fun! 
We have always given each other a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve but we have so many that now we don't need anymore! I saw this cute idea from someone on Instagram where they give their children their Christmas pajamas on Thanksgiving so that they can wear them all season long. We decided to steal that idea!
We also get a new movie to watch on Christmas Eve. This year it's How To Drain Your Dragon. I know it's an old movie, but we didn't own it yet!
We make a good dinner for Christmas Eve.
Braden makes biscuits and gravy on Christmas Eve day.
We wake up, go through our stockings, eat breakfast, then open presents.
That is pretty much it! So like I said, we don't have that many traditions! But we have so much fun!

Also, Boston is afraid of the Christmas tree. He loves to look at it and touch it but if it is behind him, like in this picture, he hates it! Notice the cups in his hand? Distraction. And this is the best picture I could get. He was running for his life in every other picture ;) haha.

Now that we have a kid we want some more traditions! What are you favorite Christmas traditions?
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  1. Cute! Biscuits and gravy sounds really good right now ha ha.

  2. Seriously ditto on the biscuits and gravy. I think I know what I'm making for dinner tonight! We've tried start many traditions but every year is different so we don't stick to much. Too funny Boston doesn't like the tree. Kids are funny. Merry Christmas!

  3. That is so funny about Boston hating the tree! 😂 One of my friends told me about how her family did a minute to win it type thing. Basically, they had to earn their presents by running up and down the stairs or hopping on one foot, or juggling an orange or something. That sounded like a fun idea to me!

  4. I love all of this! Especially the Christmas Jammies at Thanksgiving so they can enjoy them longer!!

  5. I love that about Christmas jammies! We usually did them on Christmas Eve, too, but this year I decided to start opening them on the first Sunday of December, for the same reason :)