Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Real Life, Mom Life: Nursing Milestone

Happy Wednesday!
Today I am talking about mine and Boston's journey with nursing. My initial plan was to nurse Boston for 6 months. I wanted him to be on breast milk until he was 1 year old so I pumped A LOT and froze A LOT. Well, six months passed and we were still going strong. I pumped during work when I was off of maternity leave and I really didn't like it. I wasn't able to get work done during my lunches and preps. My next plan was to nurse him until August and then wean so that I wouldn't have to pump while I was at work. Well... August came and I wasn't ready to stop. So I decided that instead of pumping during lunch AND prep I would just pump during lunch. I had 1,000 oz frozen in our deep freezer that we bought specifically to hold my breast milk since we ran out of room in our regular freezer. Boston turns one on December 12th and I realized that I wouldn't need all of this milk and it wasn't going to be good much longer. I decided to donate 700+ oz. Now I have 300 oz for Boston. There are days that I don't pump enough for him to have the next day so we have had to use our frozen supply a few times and I am grateful that I built up a good stash. I am so grateful that I have been able to nurse Boston this long and that I had a good supply so that I could help out to babies in need. I know a lot of people struggle with breast feeding and I am so happy that Boston and I have had a fun journey. Now that Boston is almost one year old I have a lot of people asking me when I'm going to stop. And honestly, I have no idea. We both like it and he isn't showing any signs of weaning so we will stick to it! But I have decided that once Christmas break comes, I am done pumping. We will make it to 1 year and I don't need to pump anymore. I will nurse him when we are home together and he can have frozen milk while he is at the sitters!

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