Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Flanvember 2016

I don't know what our favorite tradition is... Flanvember or #PumpkinFriday. They are both kind of the best.

How did Flanvember start? Braden started it randomly when we were dating. Then I decided that I should start this fun idea with him. Every year we buy a new flannel and we wear it on November 1st, then we wear flannel ALL of November. Braden has always had enough flannel items that he could wear a flannel every day in November, some on repeat of course. He doesn't own 30 flannel shirts but it's probably really close by now. I didn't have as many flannel pieces as he had to begin with so when I started this flannel tradition with him I only wore it on Fridays and I called it #FlannelFriday. I think this is the first year that I will be able to wear flannel EVERY DAY! If not every day then pretty close to it. I am so excited. And we are both so thrilled to have Boston joining us this year! This is such a fun family tradition that we started.
I will show you this year's new flannels and then our Flanvember pictures from the past years.

Flanvember 2016

Flanvember 2015 - When I was eight months pregnant with Boston!

Flanvember 2014

Flanvember 2013 - My first Flanvember!

Happy Flanvember!

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