Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Real Life, Mom Life: Breast Milk Popsicles

Boston woke up this morning with snot all over his face! His two top middle teeth are so close to cutting through. I'm really hoping that the snot is due to him teething and not a cold. Do any of you have some good remedies? I feel so bad for him. His nose has been running non-stop all day.

What is it about being a mom that makes you so dang proud of your breast milk. Like seriously, every time I pump I'm like oh my heck! I MADE THAT! I have a deep freezer with close to 1,000 oz of milk that I don't even know if we will ever touch. I might just end up donating it all. My initial plan was to breastfeed Boston for 8 months. I would quit before school started because I hate pumping so much. Well when August came around I just couldn't get myself to do it. Then my plan was that I'll be done nursing him by the time he turns one. But NOW my only plan is that I will be done pumping by the time he is one. He doesn't need breast milk after that so there is no reason for me to keep pumping. Especially since there is 1,000 oz in the deep freezer that we haven't touched! What I pump during my lunch break is what he drinks the next day at the sitters. Right now I actually have like 30 oz in the fridge because he just isn't drinking it fast enough! Last week I decided to freeze some of the milk into popsicles. He is teething right now, but doesn't seem to mind because he has just been the happiest baby. I know that cold things help so I decided to make some with all the milk that I have.

He loved it! It was super melty so I think he really only ate half of it, but he liked it!

I never thought I would be like a breastfeeding advocate but since becoming a mom I TOTALLY AM. It's amazing what your body can do! I am not against formula at all, FED IS BEST! We even have formula in our house for back up but I really think it is neat that I am going to be able to say that I breast fed Boston the entire time. Pumping is hard and I can't believe that I have stuck to it this long, but I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of my freezer supply. And I am so incredibly thankful for my supply. I know so many mothers who struggle with breast feeding and I am so thankful that our journey has been an easy and enjoyable one. I'll be sad the day Boston decides to wean. Good thing we have a while before that happens... hopefully.

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  1. Dang. I'm kinda jealous. I tried so hard, but I don't think I ever produced enough, and by 3.5 months, when I would pump at work, I would get maybe .5 oz total. When I would nurse Emma, she would stay latched for maybe 3 minutes on each side, and then just cry and cry. It was so discouraging, and by 4 months I was done. I wish I had been able to breastfeed more!